Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Target/Ross Haul

So today, I did just a tiny bit of damage at Target and Ross. Really, it was tiny.

While I was at Target, I needed to pick up some hair dye (sigh) and I ended up wandering down the hair care aisle. My hair has been feeling really dry lately so I wanted to find a deep conditioner to use on my hair. There really wasn't a lot to choose from. I saw one that L'Oreal made, but I hated the smell. I ended up finding this Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle Repair Serum. I haven't tried it yet, but I LOVE the smell. It's sort of floraly and smells like most of the products from the Pantene line. The consistency isn't super thick, so I'm hoping it won't wear down my hair. It's supposed to "restore hair from damage while you sleep for a healthy looking start each morning and leave hair smooth, shiny and soft without leaving residue on your pillow." You are supposed to put it on at night, 1-2 pumps (1 delivers more than enough),
1 pump
from the tips to mid shaft. It is supposed to "erase 6 months of damage." I'm gonna give it a shot tonight. We'll see.

Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle Repair Serum. Target price: $6.29 for 4.9 fl oz.

Next, I got my plain, old boring hair dye. I always use Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color. I either get color R3 Light Intensse Auburn or Medium Intense Auburn, depending upon what the store I am in has ATM. It can be kind of difficult to always find the same one, so I get either or. I really actualy prefer the medium color because it fades less quickly, but I was too lazy to venture anywhere else, so light it was. I'm going to my lovely Mom's tomorrow and shd she gets the priviledge of touching up my roots. Yay! And that's all there is to say about hair dye. Moving on...

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in the color R3 Light Intense Auburn. Target price: $6.99

I wanted to try a new conditioner, so I picked up Herbal Essences Color Me Happy conditioner. The packaging says there is a fusion of Moroccan Rose. All I know is it smells great. It has the typical smell of any of the Herbal Essences products. The conditioner doesn't seem overly thick, so let's see how moisturizing it turns out to be. I've been using Tresemme for a while now, but I want to try something new. I feel like my hair is sort of immune to it now. I mostly buy it because it is a huge bottle for a reasonable price and I use A LOT of conditioner, so that's important.

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy conditioner for color treated hair. Target price: $4.74 for 23.7 fl oz.

I have been looking for a new body lotion. I have been use B&BW Be Enchanted for some time now and I love the smell. But not the price. I have been looking for something a bit more affordable. I picked up Bodycology's XOXO. It is sort of a dupe for Be Enchanted. It is not nearly as thick as B&BW, but for the price, I'll take it. It has a similar sweet scent. As the package reads, it has a "sweet blend of raspberries, lemon sorbet, and musk." It's a winner. Also, the packaging is super cute!(I'm a sucker.)

Bodycology XOXO nourishing body cream. Target price: $ 3.99 for 8 oz.

I have been on the hunt for some cute dresses for spring/summer. I have been shopping around at Target, but I just can't seem to make myself pay $25 for their dresses anymore. And lately, I haven't really seen anything I loved there anyway. I've been pretty pleased with my finds at Ross lately. Both of these dresses I got for under $10! I know that they won't last me forever as they are made more cheaply than ones I would pick up at dept stores, but I get so tired of things so quickly, I don't mind replacing my stuff often. Especially when I can get things at such a bargain.
I love Ross!
The first dress is in a pretty coral shade and has a circle cut out. What I love about this dress is the cutout doesn't show your bra, and as a girl who isn't lucky enough to be able to go without one, I appreciate that. The cut off hits you right on your upper back, above your bra closure. It hits right about the knee and is a really flattering fit. It cinches in at the waist and flairs out. Isn't that called A-line? I can never get that right. Anywho, the fabric on this one is quite good. It seems like it will withstand quite a few washings. This one was $8.

The next dress I picked up is in a hot pink color. It also hits right about the knee. This seems to be the most flattering length for me. I tried on some maxi dresses today and I really want to like them because they would hide my ghostly legs, but I just feel so matronly in them. Oh well, gotta embrace the paleness! My favorite part of this dress is the cute little pocket. So cute. The fabric is a bit thin, but will be nice come summer because it gets so darn hot here! This one was $6!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A few questions ...

So, I thought I'd ask a few questions of my few blog followers. I fully expect the only one who answers to be Sarah (and maybe Jen?). That's ok. This is mostly a ruse to answer question #7 in more detail than anyone would care to read. :) Here goes. And please feel free to participate.
1. What is your favorite day of the year?
2. The least favorite?
3. What is your favorite color to paint your nails?
4. What is your favorite article of clothing?
5. What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
6. What is your favorite restaurant right now?
7. What are your favorite TV shows right now?

1. I'd have to say any summer day in which I'm with my family. Some of my favorite memories are of being with my family and grilling out. We haven't done that in ages and I'd say it's high time. (You thought I was gonna say Christmas, didn't you?)
2. My least favorite day is Valentine's Day. Particularly this year. I maintain that it's a holiday that is designed to make singles feel shitty and puts enormous pressure on couples to one up other couples. Ridiculous.  (Yes, I'm bitter about it.)
3. Recently I've been massively into glitter polish. Currently, my nails look like this:

(Irish pride!) I don't really have a favorite color. The only thing I don't like is anything incredibly sheer/light. I'm constantly changing my nail color.
4. This is a tough one. I am sort of a clothes horse. (I've never understood that expression. ) One of my favorite outfits is a pair of skinny jeans tucked into boots. I am currently coveting colored skinnies to my best friend's horror. I'm also known to frequently wear opaque tights with whichever dress I'm feeling that day. But, I'd have to say I love this cardigan more than any other piece of clothing.

I got it at Nordstrom Rack and I love the bow detail. I wear this often over dresses and tanks. It adds a feminine touch to a simple outfit. I always feel super girly when I wear this.
5. I love cupcakes and when I found these at Forever 21, I had to have them. Precious.

6. I very much enjoy going to Maggiano's right now. I always order their spaghetti with marinara. I am a simple gal, I know. They have the BEST bread. So good!
7. And now we're to what I really wanted to talk about all along. TV! I am so passionate about my shows, it borders on ridiculous. My all time favorite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but that is not what I asked. I asked what your favorite TV shows are RIGHT NOW. Besides, a Buffy post would be dangerously long and boring for anyone who isn't a Buffy fan. Trust me, I'd go on and on and on.

Right now, I'm loving Once Upon A Time. I can't tell you how much I love Snow's character. She's so different from the Snow White I once knew and loved. She is so incredibly strong, yet she still has everything that I love about Snow White. Underneath all of it, she still believes in true love. I really love the modern take on the characters as well. It's such an interesting idea. One of my favorite episodes so far was 7:15 A.M. My favorite episodes tend to revolve around Snow/Mary Margaret's story. And Rumpelstiltskin? Forget about it. He is so wonderfully complex and evil. I always walk away from the show feeling like I've just watched a Disney movie. What could be better than that?

A show I'm watching, but have a love/hate relationship with is Gossip Girl. I am incredibly late on this band wagon, I know. Sometimes the show is great. Pure, fun, uncomplicated television. Other times, it can really be mindless drivel. The acting is not always so great and the plot can sometimes border on boring. Not to mention the absolutely ridiculous situations these characters get themselves into. But, I guess that's what makes TV, well, TV. One of the reasons I continue to watch is the Blair/Chuck relationship. There is something about Chuck that this girl wants to save. And of course I love watching to see what Blair will wear next. Her style never fails to amaze me. Serena on the other hand... can someone please give this girl a hairbrush?! And the fact that time and time again she chooses men over what could be an incredibly bright future is so stupid to me. I want to strangle her most of the time. I truly don't get the infatuation. Her character is silly, selfish, and the way she talks (with her lips constantly pursed) drives me nuts. Yet, I find myself coming back for more. I gotta say I can't wait for this whole Juliet storyline to be over. Who is she? Why does she want to take down Serena? WHO CARES? It bores me to tears. Bring me some old fashioned Blair/Chuck scheming and throw in a little of Dan's pretty face and I'm good to go. Oh, and this show introduced me to Taylor's band The Pretty Reckless, who are pretty badass actually.

My love for Once Upon A Time got me interested in Ginnifer Goodwin, so I decided to check out Big Love. I'd been meaning to watch it for a while anyway. I'm only on episode five, but I'm already hooked!

Lastly, some honorable mentions: Eastbound & Down, Up All Night, The Office (no duh), and The Vampire Diaries continue to be staples.

Talk to you all soon!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

So much for holiday cheer

So it is Christmas Eve and I want essentially everyone I know to fuck off. I'm feeling incredibly unappreciated at a time when I'm supposed to feel warm and fuzzy and all that bs. Not this year. Merry freaking Christmas. Yeah, that's where I'm at.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My film debut

Maybe I shouldn't quit my day job. My friend Jess did a student film for her production class and this is the rough cut. She did an awesome job. But, my acting skillz suck. Oh and gotta love Sarah's "Nutmeg" while she looks like a crazed psycho. I could make fun of myself for hours. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Not another rant...this time it's personal

The following post is to be taken with a grain of salt. A friend of mine today sent me a video that I can only assume he was hoping I would find humorous. He was wrong. Basically, it was a video about how Twilight fans are fat, lonely, pathetic losers who have no intelligence or merit. And who are too idiotic to discern fiction from reality. Normally I can take a good ribbing for being a Twilight fan, but this one pissed me off. So, like I said take the following with a grain of salt. I realize that I am broadly generalizing males, and if you are offended because the following clearly doesn’t apply to you (because a. you are not a Neanderthal who thinks all things Twilight are gay b. you actually took the time to read the books and didn’t just base your opinion off the movies, which are hardly fair representations of the book or c. you really don’t give a crap about Twilight), then I apologize.

What exactly is it about Twilight that bothers men so much? Why are they so threatened by one Edward Cullen? Here’s my theory. I think that they are afraid that women might get some dangerous ideas about how they should be treated: with respect, loyalty, devotion; that they should be listened to, valued and protected. I mean God forbid today’s male get off his porn watching, Call of Duty playing, iphone soul sucking ass and pay some attention to his girlfriend. And the whole “Edward is a totally unrealistic, unfair depiction of what a man is supposed to be” thing? Well guess what. Megan Fox, Adriana Lima, and Kim Kardashian are totally unrealistic, unfair depictions of what a woman is supposed to be. Welcome to our world. Women have been putting up with that shit since Playboy magazine was first published. At least Edward Cullen possesses some decent qualities. The best qualities of the aforementioned ladies? Big tits and ass. So sorry if I’m not in the mood for you to mock me. Now eff off.

End of rant.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another one of those "I'm back" posts

I hope this one sticks.

I really do miss blogging. Hard.

Here's the fun stuff that's happened in my life since July.

I thought I already blogged about the 4th of July, but guess not.

The roomie and I went to Centenniel Park. We thought it was a brillaint idea. Not so much. The best part (besides the fireworks) was riding the Marta. I always love riding the Marta. I'm a nerd. There were LOTS of people here. Shock. We had to walk down ten blocks from the Marta stop just to get to the end of the line to get into the park. And mind you, this was a free event. But we had to go through "security", which consisted of mostly old dudes. Anywho, once we got in, we stood in line for an hour (no exaggeration) for a funnel cake. I HAD to have one. It was yummy. And turns out my roommate will cut somebody for me if I want her to. That might come in handy some day. The fire works were awesome. Duh. But it was over far too quickly.

My roomie is a gangsta.

The Rob trip. This turned out to be my favorite trip I have taken with the Mox so far. I would even venture to say it beats NY. Water for Elephants was filming in and around Chattanooga and we decided to go see if we could find our one true love. We didn't. But the trip turned out to be pretty awesome. Now, originally I wrote an exhaustive, step by step account of our trip, but blogger is mean. And I lost all of that brillaint writing. So, I decided this type of post would be better for my sanity. Sometimes I think I'm a little too verbose. (Don't be so quick to agree with me. Sheesh!) To some up our little day trip, we went to three of the places where it was rumored Rob would be filming: The Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, The Chattanooga Railroad Museum, and a house in Chickamauga, GA. We left notes at both the railroad museum and at the hotel Rob was rumored to be staying at, professing our love to him. I'm not kidding. If he really saw the notes, he might have questioned our sanity. And our ages. We might have come off as 14 year olds instead of the incredibly mature 24 year olds that we actually are. The best part was probably when we visited the house where Rob filmed some of his scenes. It was just really cool because the house was in a really remote location and I was so proud when we found it. This is a trip I will always remember. And I know the Mox will too.

Lookin' awkward

Was our beloved behind this door? Creepers.

We killed some time at Ruby Falls. Beautiful.

Epic. That is really the best way to sum up the Kings of Leon concert. I was psyched that they played songs other than from their Only By the Night album. Don't get me wrong, I love this album, but there is so much more to KoL than Use Somebody and Sex on Fire. Our seats weren't the greatest and I'm not even sure you can see the band in the video I took (and it really doesn't help that I turned my camera sideways while filming and the video came out the way. I'm not sure if that came be rectified. If it can, someone please tell me!), but it was an amazing time, nonetheless.
This month we went to Savannah for a mini break. We visited Paula Deen's restaurant, parused River Street, had yummy margaritas, went on a haunted pub crawl, and had a silly time in this random little shop. The Mox may or may not have broken one of the masks she tried on below.

Halloween was really fun this year. Originally, the idea was a nautical theme. The Mox was gonna be a pirate wench and I a sailor. But all of that changed when fate opened a miraculous door right in front of me. At a Hot Topic no less. You see, my friends, I have this mild obsession with a certain white cat. And when I saw this costume at Hot Topic (don't ask why I was in there in the first place), I knew I had to have it. Comical pictures below. Anywho, we ended up going to The Compound. Turned out the music blew. Like, hard. But, we were both pretty relaxed from our pre-Halloween Halloween party and it didn't really matter. The Mox met a nice young boy scout, who was totes whispering dirty stuff to her. And I met a doctor. Unfortunately, he was the Halloween kind. And not only that, he was Dr. McLovin'. Yeah. This year we learned that cabs are pretty much awesome. Neither one of us has to be too responsible. Which is magical.

Although it is our second Christmas in the apartment, this is the first year we had a Christmas tree. Courtesy of the Mox's mom. Turns out the Mox is sort of a Christmas Nazi. Gotta love her. She let me put 12 whole ornaments on the tree. :) You should have witnessed our "discussion" on choosing the proper ornaments for our tree. "Purple is not a Christmas color!" -Me "I didn't say I wanted purple!!!" -Mox. She did say purple, I swear. Oh yeah, and we got a dog. (I guess I should say the Mox got a dog, but I am beginning to love her little pup.) Her name is Juju and she is an adorable 3 year old Maltese. Love her.

And somewhere along the way, we saw Sam and Bobby again. You know how we roll! (Love ya Mox. Thanks for the Ry Ry vid) We love us some Brit boys.

Anywho, it hasn't been a bad year. Watch this space to see my adventures in the New Year.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mike Newton announces "You're alive!!"

I'm back biatches! That's right. I'm alive. Sorry I have been MIA for so long. I sort of had this whole thing with this boy that distracted me from my wonderful bloggy. You see, I was spending the time I would normally blog, with him. Seeing as how my blog won't make out with me, he was the more logical choice, right? Anyway, that whole thing ended pretty disastrously, as most of my relationships do. Alas, that coupled with work has kept me away for far too long. And I have found something so wonderful that I just had to put it on my blog and squee with my fellow bloggers. Here be the holy grail:

Also, I thought you guys might be interested in what I did last Sunday. You see, Robert Pattinson was filming this little movie called Water for Elephants. I'm not sure if you've heard of it. Whatev. Anyway, he filmed some of his scenes in Chickamauga, GA (yes, it's a real place) and Chattanooga, TN. Both of these happen to be about 2 hours from me and myself and the Mox were a few of the lucky ones who got to visit. Although we didn't get to see His Wonderfulness we did get some pictures of the house where he filmed and also of the Benzini Bros. We also have some hilarious stories about our visit. I promise to share these in my next post. See you soon!

P.S. I have really missed this place. I had forgotten what a little sanctuary my blog is.